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I do not use, grow, or possess pot (or any other illegal substance). However, recently I learned a Truth. America, (and the world) is in trouble. We will run out of oil. The toxic byproducts of oil and other products are a long term disaster. Our economy is stagnant. The Diesel engine was designed to run on hemp oil. Henry Ford's first cars ran on hemp oil. We must rediscover the history and incredible usefulness of hemp - and change the Federal law. Today's technology, combined with renewable hemp, would make our Country strong.

History, the Internet, and countless reference books prove that the founding fathers of our country grew and used hemp. Hemp was very good for everyone on earth - until about 1920 or so, when powerful men discovered how to import oil - and hemp, the world's most unique and useful crop, was renamed Marijuana, lies were invented and spread by media, and it was banned.

Natures best source of fiber, medicine, fuel, food, hope, peace, and much more - is currently forbidden. If it was legal, it would be used for low-cost food, fiber, paper, lumber, medicines, oil for cooking, and fuel for cars. Keeping it illegal does not stop hemp, it just limits the wonderful plant to be primarily grown illegally as "marijuana". It's time to change laws so this plant regains it's Royal status in Nature, and let it help mankind again.

Solar, Wind, and other energy is not going to get us out of trouble soon enough. Using food crops for fuel is insanity. Changing the legal status and the re-introduction of hemp's many uses, would provide vast improvements to the economy, pollution, mental health, crime, world hunger, violence, revenue creation, and saving tax money.

So, if you hate pot, marijuana is the devils' tool, drug users are evil, oh the children, etc. Good for you - your current intentions are good. However, most Americans don't agree with you. (Also, hemp is only pot because hemp is illegal.) Your beliefs are based on a lifetime of media exposure and law. This is so important to America's future that you should re-learn what you "know" about hemp.

Hemp should not be part of the Drug War - there is a very big difference between a Natural plant (that never hurt anyone) and "Drugs". The Drug War is a horrible disaster (on every level). The only people that benefit from the drug war are gun makers, criminals, and government law enforcement/prison systems. Everyone else - even children, suffers greatly because of the drug war. We need less violence, less pollution, less wasting of money and lives, new sources of income (a supercrop for export would be good), and the best biomass fuel source (without driving up food costs). Not only that, but keeping drugs illegal and not growing hemp in mass means we fund terrorists and criminals.

For the good of America and the World - you owe it to yourself and everyone, to Learn the Truth about hemp. Learn the objective Truth about the incredible uniqueness and value of this plant, and the real reason it was made illegal. Please spread the word, so people can discover this Truth for themselves. Then convince those in power to Change The Laws. Please tell everyone about this topic, and web sites like this.

Sea Mac
04-20-2017 at 03:00:47 PM by Sea Mac
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CNN published the truth in a 3 part documentary.

Published on Jan 29, 2017

CNN's award-winning chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a chief neurosurgeon, puts medical marijuana under the microscope. All three (3) of CNN's current "Weed" documentaries compiled into one video.  See links below to skip over to those segments of the video.

WEED: A CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (2013)

WEED 2: Cannabis Madness – A CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (2014)

WEED 3: The Marijuana Revolution – CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (2015)

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Marijuana: Is the Party Over?   
Sea Mac
12-03-2014 at 01:20:23 PM by Sea Mac
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True History of Marijuana (Full Movie on You Tube)
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12-03-2014 at 12:39:05 PM by Sea Mac
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Best Ever Marihuana Documentary [2014] [LEGALIZE WEED] SAVES LIFES (I found this on You Tube):
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11-15-2014 at 11:39:57 AM by Sea Mac
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The US Government has a patent on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants  (Thank you, Lucy!)

No medical value. Liars!!! in 2001 The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) filed a patent claiming Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants!

US Patent 6630507B:

In Part:


The present invention concerns pharmaceutical compounds and compositions that are useful as tissue protectants, such as neuroprotectants and cardioprotectants. The compounds and compositions may be used, for example, in the treatment of acute ischemic neurological insults or chronic neurodegenerative diseases.


Permanent injury to the central nervous system (CNS) occurs in a variety of medical conditions, and has been the subject of intense scientific scrutiny in recent years. It is known that the brain has high metabolic requirements, and that it can suffer permanent neurologic damage if deprived of sufficient oxygen (hypoxia) for even a few minutes. In the absence of oxygen (anoxia), mitochondrial production of ATP cannot meet the metabolic requirements of the brain, and tissue damage occurs. This process is exacerbated by neuronal release of the neurotransmitter glutamate, which stimulates NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate), AMPA (.alpha.-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionate) and kainate receptors. Activation of these receptors initiates calcium influx into the neurons, and production of reactive oxygen species, which are potent toxins that damage important cellular structures such as membranes, DNA and enzymes.

The brain has many redundant blood supplies, which means that its tissue is seldom completely deprived of oxygen, even during acute ischemic events caused by thromboembolic events or trauma. A combination of the injury of hypoxia with the added insult of glutamate toxicity is therefore believed to be ultimately responsible for cellular death. Hence if the additive insult of glutamate toxicity can be alleviated, neurological damage could also be lessened. Anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents have been proposed to reduce damage
Sea Mac
11-14-2014 at 11:22:10 PM by Sea Mac
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TED Talk ... Is the War on Drugs doing more harm than good?


Is the War on Drugs doing more harm than good? In a bold talk, drug policy reformist Ethan Nadelmann makes an impassioned plea to end the "backward, heartless, disastrous" movement to stamp out the drug trade. He gives two big reasons we should focus on intelligent regulation instead.

What has the War on Drugs done to the world? Look at the murder and mayhem in Mexico, Central America, so many other parts of the planet, the global black market estimated at 300 billion dollars a year, prisons packed in the United States and elsewhere, police and military drawn into an unwinnable war that violates basic rights, and ordinary citizens just hope they don't get caught in the crossfire, and meanwhile, more people using more drugs than ever. It's my country's history with alcohol prohibition and Al Capone, times 50.

0:48 Which is why it's particularly galling to me as an American that we've been the driving force behind this global drug war. Ask why so many countries criminalize drugs they'd never heard of, why the U.N. drug treaties emphasize criminalization over health, even why most of the money worldwide for dealing with drug abuse goes not to helping agencies but those that punish, and you'll find the good old U.S. of A.

1:16 Why did we do this?
Sea Mac
07-05-2014 at 06:43:28 PM by Sea Mac
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DW Journal Reporter report on America's Pot Schizophrenia

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Retrieved from on July 5th 2014.

Journal Reporter
America's Pot Schizophrenia

The US is a country divided by drug laws. In Colorado, cannabis is legal and since the start of the year a flourishing industry has sprung up
Sea Mac
02-17-2009 at 04:42:01 PM by Sea Mac
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In 1972 Nixon commissioned a Study on Marijuana to "Prove" what an evil, dangerous plant it was Once and for All!

The Shafer Commission found no harm in the plant and recommended that Marijuana should be
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