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Title: hempty
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Since there are so few posts, I want to save some stuff here.
I use to own but I don't anymore.
Got in a lot of trouble growing hemp without a permit.
Still I made and sold many bags of great quality hemp tea
The business was called "Runnin' On Hempty"
I had a store of the same name in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada.
Here is my logo (
Here is my Hempty pot
It got pretty exciting growing and selling hempty.
I planted over forty acres, I got all my friends to help me harvest it, then built some racks and dried it. I sold it in one once bags all over the world.
I had it analyzed by mass spectrometry, it showed that it was very high in cannabindiol, useful in seizures, epilepsy and convulsions.
With Canadian law, it was illegal because the law states that the leaf and bract of cannabis must be left in the field.
I know it is stupid, but I fought for years and could never change it.
So finally after being threatened for years they finally starting threatening my friends, so I stopped making hempty.
Hempty can be planted grown, dried and put in bags within 30 days.
Making it one of the fastest grown crops in the world, faster than radishes.
If it is harvested before the plant decides on sex it is very sweet and delicious.
Anyway just wanted to post these pictures so I don't lose them, only place on the net to see them anymore is , I posted them twice from two different locations.
We could get two to three pickings per crop.      
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Post by: Hempity on 08-16-2009 at 05:29:57 PM
The people who bought it that I talked to, said it had a calming effect. A lot of little old ladies started buying it and they said it helped them sleep.
For anyone who has made cannabis leaf tea and thought it bitter should try making the tea out of the leaf before it becomes male or female, it is a whole different taste.
I plan on making more some day, it just takes a lot of work.