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Title: New Zealand's Taranaki Hemp Industrial Village opening SOON!
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We often talk about what's wrong with the world and sometimes neglect to give sufficient attention to the real solutions that exist right in front of us. One of the most powerful solutions for sustainability, abundance, health and liberty is, simply…. HEMP.
Industrial Hemp is poised to revolutionise our world. It's legal to grow in New Zealand under license to Ministry of Health. Hemp produces super-strong fibres, oils, seeds, medicines and much, much more…..over 25,000 products! We can create textiles, building materials, dietary supplements, food, eco-friendly lubricants and even car parts!

To help celebrate this extraordinary plant and what it has to offer to our global economy we are building the Taranaki Hemp Industrial Village (…. 40-50 hemp homes, powered by the Sun, with independent water storage, aquaponics vegetables & fish and an abundant food forest. The industrial village will process all the hemp harvested from your seeds and provide ongoing employment in several workshops for the many hemp products this village brings to market.

You can be part of Taranaki Hemp Industrial Village (, where ever you live in this worldERADICATE HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS WORLDWIDE BY GROWING FOOD, FUEL, SHELTER AND JOBS - HEMP IS NOW!

Taranaki Hemp Industrial Village (
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The first fully approved hemp homes are already under construction in New Zealand, with many more in the pipeline around the country.

Use HempBed for pets, small and large animals. Chemical free, low dust and very high absorbency.

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All our hemp oils, seeds cake, protein powders and flours are made to a food grade standard however because of New Zealand/Australia food laws we can only promote ”animal grade” hemp seed products here…… (
Contact us here to find out more about Industrial Hemp in Aotearoa (