Author Topic: Help stamp out IGNORANT Lawmakers! Start with Dianne Feinstein Please!  (Read 9426 times)

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Both my friend and I vote by mail: and have ALREADY voted for someone else this year. I hope and pray that next month she is out of work.

She wants to Censor the Internet .... just plain retarded!!!!!

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Stupid is as Stupid does!

That RETARD Dianne Feinstein just voted to CENSOR The Internet!

Document retrieved from on 12/7/2010:

The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet

    TechDirt | November 18, 2010

This is hardly a surprise but, this morning (as previously announced), the lame duck Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to move forward with censoring the internet via the COICA bill — despite a bunch of law professors explaining to them how this law is a clear violation of the First Amendment. What’s really amazing is that many of the same Senators have been speaking out against internet censorship in other countries, yet they happily vote to approve it here because it’s seen as a way to make many of their largest campaign contributors happy. There’s very little chance that the bill will actually get passed by the end of the term but, in the meantime, we figured it might be useful to highlight the 19 Senators who voted to censor the internet this morning:

    * Patrick J. Leahy — Vermont
    * Herb Kohl — Wisconsin
    * Jeff Sessions — Alabama
    * Dianne Feinstein — California
    * Orrin G. Hatch — Utah
    * Russ Feingold — Wisconsin
    * Chuck Grassley — Iowa
    * Arlen Specter — Pennsylvania
    * Jon Kyl — Arizona
    * Chuck Schumer — New York
    * Lindsey Graham — South Carolina
    * Dick Durbin — Illinois
    * John Cornyn — Texas
    * Benjamin L. Cardin — Maryland
    * Tom Coburn — Oklahoma
    * Sheldon Whitehouse — Rhode Island
    * Amy Klobuchar — Minnesota
    * Al Franken — Minnesota
    * Chris Coons — Delaware

This should be a list of shame. You would think that our own elected officials would understand the First Amendment but, apparently, they have no problem turning the US into one of the small list of authoritarian countries that censors internet content it does not like (in this case, content some of its largest campaign contributors do not like). We already have laws in place to deal with infringing content, so don’t buy the excuse that this law is about stopping infringement. This law takes down entire websites based on the government’s say-so. First Amendment protections make clear that if you are going to stop any specific speech, it has to be extremely specific speech. This law has no such restrictions. It’s really quite unfortunate that these 19 US Senators are the first American politicians to publicly vote in favor of censoring speech in America.

Don't bother Feinstein with facts like "this law is a clear violation of the First Amendment" when she's already got her mind made up to take away other people's rights!

And it's apparent from this article that those 19 senators are TOO Retarded to Know how Retarded they Look to the Public!

The Experts are saying it is Illegal to try - but we will anyways!
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Thanks for all the links: your posts are always most informative!

[Genius +]

I will spread the word about her apparent fascist leanings! Trying to shut down free speech on the internet: how RETARDED!

She's definitely a Nazi in my book!

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Man that's a heap of stampin! Impeach Washington!
« Reply #2 on: 05-26-2009 at 05:33:25 PM »
Dear Senator Feinstein

Please, for the love of God, quit it. I am on the verge of suicide, in part because of smart people like you doing stupid, cynical, pandering things like S. 456. continued...
raffish Sat Jun 16, 2007 I give up (rant/open letter)

Di Fi Watch
"unofficial" source for information about U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

"If the hideous monster Frankenfeinstein came face to face with the monster of marijuana she would drop dead of fright."
~ Harry J. Anslinger - America's 1st Drug Czar (FDR - JFK)

That splains DiFi's paranoia of pot. S. 456, one more attempt at bringing Fascism home to Californication. Frankenfeinstein is not worth dying over dude. This is not her first attempt at Despotism. She sided with Oral Hatch a few years ago over the Meth Ax that would have prevented us from even posting articles or talking about medicinal Ganja or even hemp. It was shot down but these low lifes keep on coming up with other draconian bills.

Frankenfeinstein got her start when Harvey Milk was shot. The killer walked right past her and shot the mayor and Harvy. Nodded like it was all part of the plan. Just coincidence she catapulted from a SF council staff to US Senator. Their paychecks from kickback are on the line and chickenlittle is working overtime. The only backing she has left is anti-abortionists drug worriers and some gay women. Those without illness requiring medical Ganja or having loved ones sitting sick in cages.

Wonder when the cops will finally be brave enough to do what we pay them without all these Constitutional rapes and pilages? Always to ease the cops burdons? Always the cops against Ganja or Hemp. I wasn't aware it was the United Cops of America. More like The Untied State of Anemica!

Be well and just because they're stupid doesn't justify us being the same way. Your living is worth more than any politikan selling their souls. Be well,
DdC Jun 17, 2007

I would agree [with Campbell] that the drug war has not been won," Feinstein said near the outset of the hour long debate at KRON-TV. "[But] I also would say, 'Don't throw in the towel,'
Campbell, Feinstein Clash on Middle East, Drug Laws

Concerns about Dianne Feinstein:

1. Support for dumb laws - i.e. Internet censorship, anti-flag burning amendments to the constitution and laws to prevent people from talking about drugs on the Internet. Where does she come up with this stuff? Who is advising her? surely not the Dalai Lama.

2. Her support of a fundamentally fascist agenda - more government control over our lives. She is anti freedom.

3. She is a hypocrite. She is in bed with corporate criminals like Maxxam and David Hurwitz who seek to destroy the last of the old growth redwoods in California. DiFi is the henchman of wealth in California. While people in San Francisco sleep in doorways, DiFi owns lots of houses behind private gates. DiFi epitomizes what is wrong with politics in the United States where the rich do whatever they want on the backs of the poor. She supports more taxes on working people to support the big government agenda supporting rich people and big corporations. Ask her about campaign finance reform. Ask her about what she and her husband own.

4. Her blind support for the Israel lobby. Her loyalties are to whatever the Israel wants - to hell with human rights for the Palestinians.

5. continued...

Perhaps one of the strongest positions of DiFi is her unconditional support of the War on Drugs. The latest is the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act. If the measure becomes law, it will create a new federal felony -- punishable by a fine and three years in prison -- that covers Web pages that link to sites with information about where to buy "drug paraphernalia" such as roach clips, bowls, and bongs. Reefer Madness Hits Congress by Debbi Gardiner and Declan McCullagh (Wired, 6.Aug.99)

"For decades, the War on Drugs has been presented to the public as the only way to "save our children." Today's college students, many of whom grew up in the 80's and 90's and were the very children this war was supposed to protect, have seen firsthand the failure of punitive approaches to discourage youth drug use."
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Internet Free Speech Goes on Trial 07/14/01

Bill Would Outlaw Internet Drug Information 03/13/00

WoD Worriors Cyberwar on MJ

Political Opposites Attract In House Drug-Bill

Meth Bill/Free Speech by Richard Lake 06/11/00

The Anti-Meth Bill - Washington Post 06/04/00

Making War On Free Speech! S. 486

Twinkie Defense OK but 404 gag rule Rx Ganja.
One claims change while the minions remain the same...

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Help stamp out IGNORANT Lawmakers! Start with Dianne Feinstein Please!
« Reply #1 on: 05-26-2009 at 02:41:22 AM »
A friend of mine politely wrote his district lawmakers supporting the Legalization of Marijuana (CA Bill AB390).

He was outraged by the biased and unenlightened form letter he received from Senator Dianne Feinstein and he forwarded it to me for my perusal.

Dear Mr.  :lol: (I blocked his name out):

           Thank you for your letter expressing your opinion on the legalization of marijuana.
           Please know that I do not support the legalization of any narcotic drugs, including marijuana.  My convictions on this matter have been developed over many years of experience in criminal justice, including nine years as a mayor who worked very closely with the law enforcement community.  I know the tragedy that drug abuse causes in the lives of the addicted and on victims of drug-related crimes and their families. I have seen the devastation drugs can inflict on a community.
           I do recognize that marijuana may have medicinal properties that could alleviate conditions such as AIDS-related wasting and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.  I do not oppose further research on the potential medical efficacy of marijuana and support compassionate use in medical situations when prescribed by a physician in writing for serious and/or catastrophic illnesses.
           Again, thank you for taking the time to write.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841.  I also urge you to utilize my website,, to keep up to date with current Senate activities and the work I am doing for California.
 Sincerely yours,
Dianne Feinstein  :P
        United States Senator

How unenlightened is this?

Let's see what Wikipedia thinks about this.
Cited on May 25th 2009 from
In U.S. legal context, the term "narcotic" specifically refers to opium, opium derivatives, and their semi-synthetic or fully synthetic substitutes as well as cocaine and coca leaves.

Because the term is often used so broadly or pejoratively outside of medical contexts, most medical professionals advocate the use of more precise terms such as "opioid" and "opioid analgesic" to refer to the natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic substances that behave pharmacologically like morphine and are used primarily for their pain-relieving qualities. The use of the term "narcotic" in various nonclinical contexts is not of educational or of informative value. The decision to term all illegal drugs as narcotics is often used as a shorthand way to politicize and demonize any illegal drug.

To ME: A "Narcotic" is any substance that causes Physical Addiction (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Caffeine along with the Opiates are the worst offenders here)  and Even more so if you can OD on it. (That lets you Latte 'legal speed freaks' off the hook ... )

Dianne Feinstein has stated that Marijuana is SO Addictive that it ruins families - but it's NOT the fact that the parents get thrown in Jail over a harmless plant that ruins the families: oh, no it's the dope!

I bet she watched "Reefer Madness" a Dozen times as a Kid and ACTUALLY Believes that if you smoke the Devil's Weed you'll chop your Mother up and then go insane!

Mr.  :lol: says he'll never vote for her again and he'll tell all his hippie friends the truth about the biased attitude that this known oppressor of the people that think this plant is SAFER than Alcohol obviously Has!

This Hypocrite doesn't think any SAFE alternatives (to the LEGAL Poisons she Advocates using) should be legal ....

Don't vote for this IDIOT that thinks Marijuana is a dangerous Addictive Drug again!    Mr. :lol: and I agree on this 100%!