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Re: Which is Safer?
« Reply #2 on: 10-27-2012 at 12:56:39 PM »
Marijuana and Hemp have historically been one of the most useful plants on the Planet throughout time. Starting in the 1930's Special Interests and Racism began to push to make nature Illegal.

Then, in the 70's, a Sociopathic President, who was so corrupt that he WAS eventually Impeached, Swore "He was going to GET those Damned Hippies" and commissioned a Blue Ribbon panel of Experts to investigate 'The Drug Menace". The Shafer Commission report recommended Marijuana should be decriminalized and Taxed and Regulated - nothing wrong with it.

Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding - read it for yourself!

Nixon Immediately turned on his hand picked panel and called them "A bunch of Dirty Jews" - THEN he Lied to Congress about WHAT the report recommended - and promptly rammed the legislation to create the DEA through Congress: saying to anyone who spoke up for reason or rights "If you don't sign this then YOU are Soft on Drugs!"

And so the 'Gestapo' was enabled to "Plant Narcotics" on anyone they hated: and send ANYONE to prison as a "Dammed Narcotics Trafficker" .... And Nixon "GOT all his Dammed Hippies", just like he wanted.

To this Day the Federal Government has REFUSED to acknowledge that Marijuana has ANY Health benefits. There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE .....

Yes, It Cures Cancer and Heals Bad Lungs .... Amongst OTHER Uses. But Special Interests - and plain pure GREED - Keep a useful and quickly growing and easily renewable crop, that could provide millions of new Jobs overnight IF it Were Taxed and Regulated, (and LEGAL): OFF Of The Market!!!

So, People like me have to tiptoe around in small forums and blogs: and whisper about healing herbs in Hushed Tones - Words like "Marijuana" and ESPECIALLY "Bong" are Illegal To SAY in Head Shops! That's right: They Will Throw you out of their Store and CANNOT by Law sell you ANYTHING if you call a water pipe a "Bong"!!! Making NATURE, And Then WORDS, Illegal!!!! Why don't they just pass a law decreeing that the Sun can't rise tomorrow? It's Just as enforceable .....

They would make the mere THOUGHT of Marijuana Illegal, and not just the word, if they could enforce that!!!!

I want my rights back that Nixon STOLE From Me! I'm SICK of the Greed and Hypocrisy! "We'll find 12 million new Jobs WITHOUT having to Legalize and Tax Hemp and Marijuana: you betcha!" "We don't want THOSE 12 Million new Jobs: We want them in the Service Industry!!!"

LIARS!!!!! "Barry the Interceptor" was a KNOWN Pot Smoker in High School. His Official Position: "President Obama does not Favor the Legalization of Marijuana". Yeah.

Special Interests will pay good money to keep EVERYBODY from making their OWN Paper/Cloth/Rope/Medicine/Substitute for Booze/Bio-Diesel/and Foods out of easily grown plants - in their own backyards!!!! It would cut into their exclusive monopolies and ruin their obscene profits! And Barry Sold his Soul to Continue to take their Money and Be a Hypocrite!!!!!

That's the FIRST thing I'm going to DO when they make me KING: Legalize/Tax/And Regulate Hemp AND Marijuana!!!! And unemployment will disappear!!!

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Which is Safer?
« Reply #1 on: 10-18-2009 at 02:07:11 AM »

Welcome to the Potentially Deadly Alcohol-Marijuana Quiz! The purpose of this site is to test your knowledge about the relative harms of alcohol and marijuana. There are 10 questions in all.

Here’s the catch – and it's why the quiz is "potentially deadly": If you get a question wrong, you will have to "take a shot" of alcohol. At the end, we will let you know what your blood alcohol content (BAC) would be if you actually had that many shots. We will also tell you how that much alcohol would affect you physically.

Are you ready to put your life on the line and see what you know?  Good luck!

I missed 3 of the questions and had a BAL of 0.05 at the end