Author Topic: Minnesota Court Rules Bong Water Illegal  (Read 4382 times)

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Minnesota Court Rules Bong Water Illegal
« Reply #1 on: 10-25-2009 at 05:09:40 AM »
Dump out that bong water

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that police can include the entire weight of bong water that tests positive for the presence of a drug when computing the amount of drug possession.

The case involved meth, but you can imagine that they’ll immediately start using it to jack up the amounts for pot possession as well. One cup of water weighs just over 8 ounces.

In a sharply worded dissent, Justice Paul Anderson said the majority’s decision “does not make sense, and borders on the absurd.” He said it isn’t consistent with what the Legislature intended when it wrote the state’s drug laws. And he blasted Rice County authorities for charging Peck with such a serious crime.

So if the bong water is dumped in the toilet, is the toilet water illegal? The Public Sewage are then traffickers? The Minnihahasota Court Jesters, impeachment sounds right. Man the place has bottomed out since Jesse left. Are bongs filled with holy water exempt? How about the air from the smoke, 14.7#/sqin times Mandatory minimums, making private prisons drool. If you dump a bong on the carpet does it become illicit? Holy shit batman, they're flushing, the Great Lakes have become contraband! Don't Let It Hit the Ground, ohhh the planet has been outlawed.

"Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts
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Minnesota Court Rules Bong Water Illegal
Bong water can count as a controlled substance, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a decision that raises the threat of longer sentences for drug smokers who fail to dump the water out of their pipes.

"We.. say that on the medical evidence available,
moderate indulgence in cannabis has little ill-effect on health,
and that decisions to ban or legalise cannabis
should be based on other considerations."

The Lancet,
vol 352, number 9140, November 14 1998

Pot Accounts For 75% of Police Seizures by Jeremiah Vandermeer
Many Canadians think police don't pay much attention to marijuana, and instead focus on busting people for "hard drugs". Think again.

Cutting money to health services will not cut services…
let’s try that with jails and police? by Kirk Tousaw
Re: B.C. health cuts no harm to services: minister

Facts and statistics that relate to police priorities by David Malmo-Levine
I went through the Vancouver Public Library's "Police Brutality" files a while back (I think they have been discontinued by now - budget cuts) and picked out a few quotes ... and rather than have this stuff go to waste in some corner of my archives I thought I would share it with all of you!