Author Topic: MA: medical marijuana on the docket  (Read 4310 times)

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Re: MA: medical marijuana on the docket
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Good News!

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MA: medical marijuana on the docket
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Anyone else but me live in MA?

MA: Medical marijuana on the docket

Dear MPP Supporter :

On Wednesday, January 5, the 2011-2012 Massachusetts legislative session officially began! Once again, the Marijuana Policy Project, along with Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, will be working with Rep. Smizik to ensure that seriously ill residents of the Bay State are afforded protection from arrest and prosecution for using medical marijuana. Please e-mail your legislators today and ask them to co-sponsor this important legislation.

Although we were disappointed that leadership failed to allow HB 2160 out of committee last session, we understand that sometimes it takes time to convince legislators of the importance of medical marijuana legislation. Rep. Smizik recognizes the seriousness of this issue, which is why he has drafted legislation that protects patients from arrest and prosecution for using a treatment method recommended by their physician. Docket number 00371 also ensures that patients have safe and affordable access to their medicine by setting up state-regulated dispensaries. Ask your legislators to sign on as co-sponsors today!

Please contact your state senator and representative to ask them to talk to Rep. Smizik about co-sponsoring his medical marijuana bill. Please also take a moment to contact Speaker DeLeo to politely and respectfully ask that medical marijuana legislation receive a vote this year.

Finally, if you are a patient with a serious medical condition who could benefit from medical marijuana, a loved one, a medical professional, or a member of law enforcement or the clergy who might be interested in speaking out, please contact the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance to see how you can be of special help in passing this legislation.

Thank you for your continued support.


Robert J. Capecchi
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project