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Author Topic: The Truth about Hemp is about freedom, and simple economics.  (Read 5221 times)

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The Truth about Hemp is about freedom, and simple economics.
« Reply #1 on: 03-21-2011 at 08:42:18 PM »

The Truth about Hemp is simple economics. Stop spending $17 billion dollars a year stamping out the most useful plant in the world, Legalize and Tax it like the Shafer Commission suggested ( ), then start up $17 billion in new industries like: Biodeisel from hemp seed oil/fabrics/paper/rope/food/medicine and so on.

Instant gain of $34 billion to the nations economy!  And when all those tax payers punished with incarceration for handling a plant get let out of prison and become useful tax payers again - that will be a huge boost to the economy, too!

And the feds and states will need new industries: as Standards and Regulations go into effect (and provide $ billions in affiliated jobs) .... you get the picture.

As it stands: we have to IMPORT all our Hemp products - just one further burden imposed upon our economy by Richard M. Nixon in his Fear of "Those Damn Hippies"! He commissions a blue ribbon panel of experts and they point out common sense things like: Prohibition does not work / the ability to regulate the market, for safety, depends upon it BEING LEGAL / that People in India have been using it for millennium and there is NO drug crime there (Until Nixon imported it with his laws and DEA) / Contrary to the movie "Reefer Madness": if you smoke some it WILL NOT make you chop up your parents with an ax / It DOES Have Medical uses.

Nixon then calls his blue ribbon panel "A bunch of Jews", and lies to Congress about what the report recommends, and RAMS his DEA measures through: JUST so he can persecute "Those Damn Hippies". A Tyrant and a liar and a bully whose insane policies are ossified into a "War" on the American People: who NEED this life saving medicine.  

And every time the "White House" sponsors a public feedback forum, to ask how America could most benefit from legislation: the #1 request is that President Obama "Legalize and Tax Hemp/Marijuana". The VERY First Time they asked the Public for Ideas, and got that overwhelming response "Legalize It!", their public and official answer was a dismissive "President Obama does not support the Legalization of Marijuana.".

The EXACT same answer has been given EVERY Time, in a "Because I say So (I'm the Decider!)" tone: that mocks the phrase "they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" in spirit AND letter! No: we profit more on the misery that we influence on 'others' and greed insists we keep it AS IT IS - rather than give you back your unfairly stolen personal liberties and fix our ailing economy!

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