Author Topic: The War on The American People (and their God Given rights to touch Plants!!!!!)  (Read 3338 times)

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The War on Drugs The American People (and their God Given rights to touch beneficial Plants!!!!!)

As long as the Federal Government can continue to LIE about any possible medical uses ....

They feel justified in jailing sick people for seeking relief from pain/nausea/PTSD/Cancer/ETC that the currently approved medical pharmacopeia can not help!

So, they get to act like self righteous, lying bully's: denying that Marijuana has valid medicinal uses so they can continue putting sick or dying people in prison.   "It's NOT Medicine BECAUSE I SAY It Is NOT Medicine: and we are going to refuse to let you do ANY Research to prove how much we are lying about it."

What goes around comes around. THEY Get to come back in their next lifetimes and have "The System" hound THEM to Death for seeking medical relief! Oh, but THEN they will not think it is fair.