Author Topic: $250,000.00 a day collected in new revenue - thousands of new Jobs created!!!  (Read 3641 times)

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I just heard on the News that Colorado Marijuana Shops were estimated to have sold $1,000,000 worth of Pot on just the first day Alone!

At 25% "Sin Tax" rate the STATE of Colorado is now raking in $250,000 in CASH as new taxes DAILY!

AND there has been a MASSIVE creation of New Jobs!!!

Colorado realizes it is Counter Productive to lock away Tax Payers over touching a medically recognized beneficial plant: and has Implemented the recommendations of President Nixon's Shafer Committee on Drugs.

People from literally around the World have Poured in to buy their Quarter Ounce of Beneficial Weeds. Colorado has a Tourist Boom Underway Also!!!

What state will be the next to stop imprisoning people for buying dried plant flowers? Which State could use Millions in CASH Revenue/Tons of new Jobs/An easing in their Prison Population/and a rush of Tourist Dollars, Too?

DUH .... ALL OF THEM!!!!!! And STILL the Liquor Lobby has the Federal Government wasting $200,000 A DAY in Persecuting Patients in States that have Medical Marijuana programs! Why, according to H. Anslinger's "Refer Madness": 6 or 7 Colorado children SHOULD HAVE gone crazy by now and chopped up their parents with hatchets! "The Weed with Roots in HELL!" yeah, right .... Liars!

So, THERE, R. M. Nixon!!! You're STILL "Getting Those Dammed Hippies" Long after you are Dead!!! But SOMEDAY Your LONG Continued Lies will be as DEAD As YOU ARE!!!! Unfortunately, I fear that by then I shall be long dead TOO!

But I Praise GOD I've Lived Long Enough To SEE your Lies Crumbling AWAY! Uruguay has Legalized it to chop off funding to the Cartels! Colorado is reaping the many benefits of Legal HEMP, TOO!
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