Author Topic: Nixon's War on The American People (and their God Given rights to touch Plants)!  (Read 3790 times)

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In the 1970's A corrupt politician SWORE he was going to "Get those damned hippies" ...

President R. M. Nixon commissioned a Blue Ribbon Panel on Drugs called "The Shafer Committee". Their recommendation was that the states should be allowed to regulate and tax and sell marijuana just like alcohol and that EVERYONE should be allowed to carry on their persons up to [cutoff]an Ounce without penalties!

THEN Nixon called his hand picked panel "a bunch of dirty Jews" and promptly and unilaterally did exactly the opposite of their recommendation and stripped the States of ANY Rights: claiming Marijuana had high abuse potential, and NO MEDICAL VALUE!

And the CURRENT Government is struggling to maintain that Li(n)e no matter WHAT!!!! Obama says "It is no more dangerous than alcohol" while STILL spending $200,000.00 a day prosecuting people for medical marijuana in states where it is legal.

They impeached you: and THEN you Finally resigned ...
Until we get our rights back, that YOU stole from us, here is the TRUTH:

Here is a link to The Shafer Committee Report:
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