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Sea Mac:

This fellow forgot to mention Richard Nixon vowing to "Get Those Damn Hippies" and The Shafer Committee report. And how Nixon Lied, and Forced Congress - through political bullying - to legislate the DEA into existence: EXACTLY the Opposite of the Shafer Committee's Report's recommendations.

But he got the Anslinger/Hearst connection correct: and the fact that Racism is behind the laws. Enforcement of unjust laws is STILL at 9 to 1 of non-whites to whites arrested for drug use. The Laws are the last vestige of Jim Crow laws in the USA: and Still Obama persecutes multitudes of Black Voters in States where it is Legal on a state level to posses Marijuana.

Obama has become one of the BIGGEST suppressors of Medical Marijuana of ANY US President: and his administration continues the policy of extreme racial disparity in arrests ... and wonders why inner city violence continues to rise. He has become Part of the Problem.


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