Author Topic: I have found an Amazing Video File Downloader and it is FREE!  (Read 2552 times)

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I have found an Amazing Video File Downloader and it is FREE!
« Reply #1 on: 03-03-2015 at 12:08:39 AM »
I found a link to "4K Video Downloader" over at Software Santa, and I also saw it listed on this freeware site, thought I'd give it a try ... since it was Free ...

Wow!! This is now my goto App for retrieving files from YouTube and Vimeo and Other video file hosting sites! And, Amazingly, it can Download HUGE 1 Gigabyte "4K" Video Files from YouTube at a stunning 5 MegaBytes per second speed - just as fast as my 30 Megabit per Second internet Cable Modem can shovel the bits onto my hard drive!!!!!

I Like the fact that it can download several at one time - a Whole Playlist at a click IF the Playlist has 25 or less Videos in it. And I, and Software Santa (the site where I found the Link to the App ... ), assure you that we have been using the Mac OS X version for several months now without a trace of Malware in it. Little Snitch says it only calls home to check for Legitimate Updates ... It Is CLEAN!!!

Oh, and I'll bet it works just as well for Linux and Windows Users, Too! There are free versions available for THEM, too.

In my opinion this is the BEST Video File Downloader money can't buy!!! (There is a Pro version with more Features that DOES Cost something ... but - depending on your needs - the full license MAY be more convenient to use than the free license.)

Get it Here:

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