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Sea Mac:
Congratulations on publishing!

:bux:   I'd buy one if I had the money ... 2¢

Just typed a whole page here and it would not allow me to post the letter.
Will now try again/
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Subject: Re: Paper published

Hi john
Got your messages. I am on the road now going to conference in England then eventually back to Hawaii. The advance copies are sent out by the press. I am even sure if I get one of those?
I will have to find out. I think we get a modest discount?
Sent from cell phone, Aloha, Mark

On Jun 8, 2013 9:19 AM, "J. Allen"  wrote:
From: Mark Merlin
To: J. Allen
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Subject: Re: Paper published

Hello Mark, I read your letter and looked at the pages at http://www.ucpress.edu/ and then I went to order it from Amazon.  However, today I received an e-Mail  from Amazon.com confirming my order of your book, but it said I would not receive it until between September 1 - September 9, 2013  I ordered it because the promo you sent to me said that there were advanced copies available for July 1.  I called Amazon and they told me that I could only get it on July 1st from the publisher or from you.   So my question is, am I eligible to buy an advanced copy from you or from the ucpress?  Your promo you sent me that is below says that they are available.  But Amazon says their copies will only be available on September 1, 2013. Have a nice day. John  __________________________________________________________________
Rob Clarke and I finally have our super long work effort coming out at the end of the summer. The name is right up there in the acknowledgements. So many helped us of the 17 years of work. I copied the promo blurb below FYI.
Take Care and Best Wishes for good health, Mark

Promotional copy for the upcoming Cannabis book from UC Press:

Rob Clarke and Mark Merlin are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany by University of California Press September 1, 2013, advance copies available July 1st.

Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary exploration of the natural origins and early evolution of this famous plant, highlighting its historic role in the development of human societies. The plant Cannabis has long been prized for the strong and durable fiber in its stalks, its edible and oil-rich seeds, and the psychoactive and medicinal compounds produced by its female flowers. The culturally valuable and often irreplaceable goods derived from Cannabis deeply influenced the commercial, medical, ritual, and religious practices of human cultures throughout the ages, and desire for these commodities directed the evolution of the plant toward its contemporary varieties. As interest in Cannabis grows and public debate over its many uses rises, this book will help us understand why humanity continues to rely on this plant and adapts it to suit our needs.

Robert C. Clarke is a Cannabis Researcher, Projects Manager for the International Hemp Association in Amsterdam, and author of Marijuana Botany and Hashish!.

Mark D. Merlin is a Botany Professor at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, and author of Man and Marijuana, On the Trail of the Ancient Opium Poppy and co-author of Kava: The Pacific Drug.

For a sample of the wealth of information contained in Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany University of California Press presents the cover image, book description, and a preview of Chapter 1 text at http://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520270480 and you will also find editorial reviews at Amazon Books. If you order soon Amazon is offering a ten percent discount ($85.50 instead of $95.00) and free shipping! http://www.amazon.com/Cannabis-Evolution-Ethnobotany-Robert-Clarke/dp/0520270487/ref=sr_1_1_bnp_0_main?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1367479694&sr=1-1&keywords=cannabis%3A+evolution

Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany
consists of 464 pages lavishly illustrated with color and B&W photos, maps, line drawings and tables. The first release will be only 800 copies bound in hard cover. At the moment there are no plans for a soft cover edition. If you feel it will be a valuable addition to your library we encourage you to order now as supplies are limited. These first printings may well become collector items. We expect that anyone with an interest in any of the many aspects of Cannabis  science and culture will find much of value.

Please forward to all interested colleagues and friends, Rob Clarke & Mark Merlin

Sea Mac:
Were you able to edit PDF files with PDFEdit995 or not? Did ANY of those Programs work for You?

Why don't you get Cyberduck and connect via FTP to your site? Download One page and Copy it many times as a "Template" - change the text, and re-upload it as a new page.

I do a lot of Computer and Electronics so I can do most of these things ....

Instead of RealPlayer, get VLC: http://softwaresanta.com/sssmf/index.php/topic,66.msg68.html#msg68

Download Movies from YouTube with this: 4K Video Downloader

Complain to the Postal Inspector and the Shipper about the Lost Packages.


--- Quote from: Sea Mac on 12-28-2012 at 05:49:58 PM ---
Hi, I have scribus or something similar. I have to admit to you that I am totally computer stupid.  Right now my real player is not letting me download correctly music from you tube. As for the HTML, if you seen my CD-ROM, "A bibliography of Entheogenic Mushrooms" it was created in Microsoft's Front Page Program on Windows 2000.  So is my website. I learned one page and basically every page on my site used the same as the first page. However, some of the pages for some reason are HTM and most are HTML.  SInce I have not sent anything after I moved on September 30, I am slowly forgetting much of the way it is. The bibliography is a very complicated program for shroom researchers where everything about magic mushroom literature and history is printed.  About 90% of all things shroomy. It is complicate and has many articles by me not published, proceedings from the first two international world conferences on hallucinogenic Mushrooms, Hundreds of photos of three major producers of cultivated magic shrooms in the Nederland, and more than 3000 refs.  1306 annotations, more than 10,000 cross-references and each cross reference has a direct link to the book or article and photos to go with them. Over 1580 photo thumbnails and each enlarge to a full screen.  When I tried to work on it in other HTML programs, it distorts a large portion of the text and disorganizes a couple thousand links.. In all it is over ten Thousand pages on 625 mbs of hard drive. It will only work if I get my old computer working.  KPTS is Kai's Power Tools.  I ordered from England, the cd for KPTS 3, no 4 came out and then 5 and 6 and then it was sold to Meta Creations.  I have some registrations from adobe and others. took me an hour today to find a number for adobe and then the one listed in the internet is no longer good and the voice says the number so fast I tried 12 times to hear it and could not understand. A lot of these companies have numbers on the Internet and they are no longer valid and it takes someone in those companies to change the friggin page and up date it.  So I usually add something new to my site daily and haven't since sept 30, 2012.  I got Scribus for preparing a new version of Magic Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, and I was going to print ten full colored copies as a limited edition with three going to University libraries and one for me and the other six for $100 dollars each. I would increase all the black and white to color and add 4 more pages in the bargain with some additional text for Psilocybe allenii.   Without anyone to teach me the use of those programs, I am like a fish out of water.  Like the instructions that tell you how to program a vcr or a universal remote or hook the cable, With the new technology I am lost.   Partially stuck in my ways. I do not even own a cell phone.  I have a 1.3 gigabyte table panel discussion I am on with Jochen Gartz, Dennis McKenna and Jonathan Ott and cannot get it on you tube because I do not own a mobile phone.  Can't hear on those at all.  This computer has problems and now I need to find hp to fix the windows 8 as I have only three days left on the warantry for it.  My virus are a result of losing some anti malware and Microsoft tech dude turned off my firewall as did the Office Depot clerk who took five days to transfer my stuff from old to new.  I tried to call adobe today, a 40 minute wait and the phone gets disconnect while on hold.  Microsoft again tried to charge me after the first person told me no charge.  Anyway, I will look. I too have dreamweaver and Fireworks or whatever and for two months several years ago, I tried to learn it and zilch. the language makes no sense.  Thanks for trying, I tried to download the acrobat X today for the free trial and it would not connect me, and again that is from the windows 8. Have a nice day. I need to call but I feel HP in the east coast is now closed till Wednesday.  Ebay had one program for 19 but from England,. I been waiting now for three weeks for my KPTS 3.  The p.o. put some of my purchases in wrong mail boxes and I lost a 6 mpixel memory flash card and the new Total Recall blue ray.  have a happy new year.  mj
--- End quote ---

Sea Mac:

--- Quote from: mjshroomer on 12-28-2012 at 12:00:23 PM ---
--- Quote from: Sea Mac on 12-28-2012 at 10:27:53 AM ---Hi Sea Mac,  I could use Acrobat X right away, I cannot edit my PDF journal for maps.org and it was suppose to be finished before the new year as it is this years last journal and I need to send it to MAPS.  But I need the X to replace the one I lost. I also lost KPTS 6 and 7 and my discs won't allow me to get it set up. It says my registration number has expired.  Someone at Facebook found me an Emachine T1120 like mine so I can have a repair shop take the motherboard from the PC my friend in Italy found out about online when I couldn't and bought it for me.  He is sending it U.S. Postal because Fed EX does not deliver to P..O. Boxes.  That would only help me upgrade my HTML and also send things with my CUTE FTP to my site which I cannot do right now.  I would just have to change my computer each time I need to send but can work on my art and programs if they are still there.  so YEs, If you could get me the Acrobat X as soon as possible I will send you a PDF copy of the full journal.  John and happy new years and good holidays for u and ur fam.  For some reason I cannot get a picture to post.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---
Try some of these and let me know if Any work for you:

PDFEdit995 Suite (Replace Acrobat X):  http://softwaresanta.com/sssmf/index.php/topic,482.msg491.html#msg491
Also for Editing PDF (and a LOT More Powerful): Scribus  http://softwaresanta.com/sssmf/index.php/topic,17.msg17.html#msg17
You should Get Scribus because it is a REALLY Decent Document Editor/Creator and you'll be thrilled with it.

What is KPTS?

Editing Web Sites (like Dreamweaver): the Composer tool of the SeaMonkey Suite (Replaces the Old Netscape Suite) works JUST fine for me:
For MOST Web Development I Recommend BlueFish:

FTP/SFTP/S3 Client: CyberDuck is ALL I Use:

Gee: I'm SURE if THOSE don't work for you let me know. I'll hunt other programs down for you.

If you push the Insert Image button and enter the URL of the Photo: the forum embeds it in the post.


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