Author Topic: End Marijuana Prohibition - sign the petition!  (Read 2753 times)

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End Marijuana Prohibition - sign the petition!
« Reply #1 on: 03-20-2009 at 01:56:43 PM »
Here is a link to the DPAs Letter to your representatives form.

End Marijuana Prohibition
Tell Congress that states should be allowed to set their own marijuana policies.

The text of MY Letter:
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama have established a good precedent. Medical marijuana patients and providers who are following their state's law will no longer be arrested by the federal government. It's cruel and a waste of taxpayer dollars. The federal government has bigger fish to fry.

With policymakers in California and other states moving beyond medical marijuana and considering treating marijuana like alcohol -- making it legal for adults and taxing and regulating it  -- Congress should change federal law to allow states to set their own marijuana policies. Just like alcohol Prohibition, marijuana prohibition is doing more harm than good.

Last year there were more than 775,000 arrests made in the U.S. for nothing more than possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. It cost billions of dollars to prosecute and incarcerate those people. Many are now barred from accessing student loans, public housing and other assistance. They're branded criminals for life.

Tens of millions of Americans have smoked marijuana, including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and President Obama. Polls consistently show that voters believe people who smoke marijuana should not be arrested or sent to jail. 

The war on drugs has clearly failed. States need to be allowed to try new approaches. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said, state legislatures are the "laboratories of democracy," willing to tackle new and innovative approaches in meeting the needs of society.

Please support California AB390!